Arial Arise AGN Foundation League Season One Recap by: Niko Thibeault

by ArialArise Admin | April 27, 2020

Dynasty in the Making

      For the inaugural season of the AGN Foundation League we saw many strong teams and crazy moments, but none too greater than the Arial Arise Season 1 champions. This roster consists of Wellyy, Crysis, kLoH, Stolly, and Boardy who have been playing together all year long in P2P, online leagues, and more. They are a T16 Challengers team that came into the AGN spotlight and stardom during the season. Pulling away two Team of the Week awards with the performances they put in. They finished the 5 game regular season undefeated with only 2 map losses. An astounding 15-2! Crysis was the 2nd best player in the whole league for the regular season posting an absurd 1.48 K/D throughout the course of it. The highlight of their regular season was beating Total Advantage. The roster that everyone was fearsome of. This is where their only 2 regular season losses would come from. TA roster consisted of Ambi5nt, JuJu, NickHate, FA5TBALLA, JDestiny, and Druxy (filled in at the end of season). Not to mention that this squad is also a T16-T32 Challengers team that was the 2x defending champions of AGN Call of Duty leagues. Arial would win the series 3-2 in a game that came down to the final round of the Search and Destroy on Picadilly, where Arial would seal it with 3 players left standing. One of which was Wellyy, who had a massive game 5 going 10-7.

After all was said and done, Arial Arise would finish this inaugural season of AGN’s new league with a 9-1 record and a 27-8 map count overall. Arial won their playoff matches 3-0 over AlliedGG, 3-1 over Unjustifed gaming, a big time 3-1 over Total Advantage, and would then go to the Grand Finals. Big time players show up in big time games and that's the motto Wellyy repped throughout the playoffs. As he was crowned playoffs MVP with an 80 overall. He posted ridiculous numbers throughout the playoffs having a 1.41 HP K/D, 1.59 SnD K/D, and a 1.40 DOM K/D. After the bracket reset in Grand Finals Arial wasted no time being crowned victors, with a quick and easy 3-1 in the second best of five. Stay up to date here for more information about the Arial Arise Call of Duty team and tune in soon to see if they can defend their title in Season 2 of the Foundation League.

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