2020 Call of Duty NA Challengers Finals Preview

by ArialArise Admin | August 13, 2020

As the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare season draws to a close, there is still one tournament yet to be played professionally and for the amateurs. For the amateurs, this is the biggest select prize pool we have seen ever in a Call of Duty. The Challengers Series Championship will see America's Top 32 AM teams compete over the course of this weekend, for their piece of $250,000. The prize pool will pay out the T24 teams ranging from $50,000-$2,500 for placement.

Arial Arise has once again notched one of those top teams in the Challengers scene. This roster consists of some returning faces in Stolly, Boardy, and kLoH with SinnR and Example being the two new faces finishing off the team; who with their pro points combined will be the 22nd overall seed with 70,745 points. If no changes arise, Arial will be playing the 11th seeded Virginia Velocity, consisting of Theory, Bink, DraMa, TTinyy and TwiZz. For them to have a chance of winning the whole thing, Arial would have to possibly play the likes of teams such as Faze Academy, WestR,Rebel Esports, and Triumph. Certainly not impossible as these players have had top placings in the past and are hungry to prove that their names belong in the upper echelon of top amateur players.

Tune in on Saturday, August 15th at 12PM ET for the start of the finals with their being a broadcast from Call of Duty and players on the team will be streaming on their personal twitch!

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